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Recycling Guides

At the MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center, we manage MSU's waste as a resource. Each year we process between 20 to 25 million pounds of material that is discarded on MSU’s campus including at residence halls, offices and academic buildings, event spaces, MSU farms and select MSU Extension locations. We are responsible for collecting the discarded material from MSU’s campus, including recyclables, food waste, and surplus goods donated by departments. On site, we operate:

  • The MSU Surplus Store where you can find items unique to MSU, plus everyday items like computers, electronics, furniture, clothing and home goods.
  • The SSRC material recovery facility where we handle the recyclable collected on campus and at the public MSU Recycling Drop-Off Center.
  • The SSRC vermicompost operation where we compost campus food waste using worms and produce a nutrient-rich soil amendment for sale in the Surplus Store.
  • Spartan Upcycle, the creative reuse branch of SSRC.

Recycling Guides 

Across campus there are numerous locations to recycle! MSU also operates a Recycling Drop-off Center that is open to the public. For a list of accepted materials, please see the guides below. For recycling tips and updates, follow MSU Recycling on Facebook and Instagram or contact us at

Additional Waste Diversion Resources 

  • Utilize the MSU Community Reuse program
    • Donate select good condition items.
    • Recycle polystyrene (Styrofoam) and select electronics.
    • Bring accepted items to the Surplus Store Merchandise Pick-Up door M-F 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Shop secondhand at the MSU Surplus Store
    • Shop the online collections 
    • Shop in-person on select days
    • Swing by the Free Area, just to the left of the store entrance. It's our last attempt at reuse before recycling or landfilling, and you never know what gems may be waiting for you!
  • MSU Department Services
    • Send items to the Surplus Store
      • The MSU Surplus Store is responsible for the disposition of all Michigan State University owned property. This includes all items paid for with University funds or donated/gifted to the University.
      • Learn more about how we handle IT, AV and other electronic equipment.
    • Office Cleanout Support
      • SSRC will help campus staff have a convenient and easy process that incentivizes highest and best use of unneeded office materials including recyclables and surplus goods. For more info contact *Please note, this program is currently suspended and will likely resume in Spring Semester 2021.

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