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Waste Warriors

Through reuse, recycling and composting, MSU currently diverts about 55% of general building refuse away from the landfill. In the next five years, we aim to increase the campus diversion rate to 70%. That would mean that over 2/3 of the waste we produce on campus will NOT be destined for the landfill. To reach this goal, we’re recruiting Waste Warriors – MSU faculty and staff who pledge to take a more active role in managing campus waste as a resource.




As a waste warrior, you have the option of receiving additional services to collect:

  • reusable items—to be shared among colleagues or donated to the MSU Surplus Store.
  • food scraps and other compostables, such as brown paper towel.
  • glass and Styrofoam for recycling, which is currently unavailable in most buildings

Our periodic e-newsletter and quarterly building reports will provide you with a better understanding of the campus waste profile and give you tips and opportunities to help us cut our trash footprint. As a Waste Warrior, you’ll also be invited to events, workshops, and celebrations throughout the year.

By becoming a Waste Warrior, you join a group of like-minded staff and faculty from across campus—who each pledge to be part of the solution that will lead MSU down the path towards zero waste.

While we currently divert over 50% of our total waste, MSU generates over 10 million pounds of office, lab and residence hall waste annually. Waste sort data shows that 70% of that material could still be diverted from the waste stream.

Help us get to 70% by 2024. Let's do this! 


Any staff or faculty member with an office on campus can sign up to be a Waste Warrior. An on-campus office is required as you will need space for containers.


MSU Surplus Store & Recycling Center (SSRC) will do the following for Waste Warriors:

  • Provide you with additional services to collect surplus, compost, and expanded recycling. (Note: These services are available only to Waste Warriors).
  • Establish a schedule to service/empty your containers.
  • Send you a periodic Waste Warrior e-newsletter with information and stories related to waste diversion, zero waste principles, and various commodities; notices of upcoming activities and events; customer and employee profiles; and photos/videos.
  • Provide you with an in-depth waste assessment.
  • Invite you for a tour of the SSRC, including the materials recovery facility where all the collected recyclables are further sorted, baled and shipped out.
Katie Deska - MSU Recycling Education Coordinator -