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Spartan Upcycle

upcycle-logo.pngSpartan Upcycle is a program of the Michigan State University Surplus Store & Recycling Center (SSRC). Through Spartan Upcycle, we seek to reduce waste by inspiring and promoting creativity, resource conservation and community engagement through art, education and imagination. 

Spartan Upcycle offers educational workshops, hosts events, and sells materials, supplies and upcycled or reclaimed products through the MSU Surplus Store. Materials and items used in workshops and for sale are collected through SSRC’s campus recycling and Surplus operations, department partnerships, the public Recycling Drop-Off Center, and the MSU Community Reuse program. 

Spartan Upcycle supports SSRC’s mission to manage waste as a resource through an integrated system of reuse, recycling, collaboration and education.

Connect with us on Facebook at Spartan Upcycle or contact


  • View the online offerings from Spartan Upcycle. (Follow the Surplus Store Facebook page for updates about in-person shopping.)
  • Items for sale include materials and supplies for use in various projects and upcycled/reclaimed goods that have been repaired, repurposed or otherwise had value added to them. 
  • The materials and supplies we sell may be used in various arts and crafts as well as home decorating or minor home improvement projects.
  • While our inventory varies depending on what SSRC collects through our operations, Spartan Upcycle regularly stocks materials and supplies related to:
    • collage, decoupage, assemblage
    • scrapbooking, cardmaking
    • sewing, knitting, fiber arts
    • clothes mending and upcycling
    • furniture repair and upcycling
    • woodworking, metalsmithing
    • zero waste living (jars, canisters, etc. for bulk shopping; fabric for making reusable alternatives to single-use products; repurposed and second-hand items, etc.)


  • Studio (in)Process: Upcycle Edition
    • Upcycle project demonstrations led by MSU Broad Art Museum in partnership with SSRC.
    • Held monthly on the second Thursday of the month at 8 p.m.
    • Streamed live on Facebook (via Broad Art Museum; shared to Spartan Upcycle)
    • While watching the demo, open the comments to participate in the discussion and pick up a few fun facts, resources, and waste reduction tips related to the project materials.
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