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SSRC Staff Offer Kudos to Coworkers

SSRC Staff Offer Kudos to Coworkers

Apr 20th 2021

In honor of Earth Day 2021 SSRC staff were invited to offer kudos to colleagues in recognition of their work to advance the department's mission to manage MSU's waste as a resource through an integrated system of reuse, recycling, collaboration and education. Shout-outs were submitted to recognize staff for a variety of efforts.

Rob C., Sean B., Julia H. (student staff), and Reg L. for their willingness to get their hands dirty while building up the worm composting operation, and for playing a crucial role in maintaining the sorting and baling operation for recyclables even in the face of COVID-related challenges.

Kim N. and Joanna G. for continued customer service and contributions to the Surplus Store, including preparing items for sale (Joanna) and preparing orders for shipment (Kim).

Riley for his unwavering belief in the SSRC mission and his ability to excel in a variety of roles.

Mike T. and Dave R. for their work to keep books (Mike) and electronics (Dave) in circulation and out of the landfill, and for their eagerness to discuss issues related recycling and sustainability.

James I. and store staff (Aaron, Dave, Michael, Annie and Bryant) for keeping unwanted University property in the stream of useful items and out of the landfill, while also generating revenue to support diversion, recycling, and educational operations.

Sarah H. and the online staff (Mike, Riley, Kim, and Elijiah) for creating and maintaining the platform to allow the University and the public to buy used items instead of buying new.

Dave S. for serving as a resource on all-things-recycling and leading by example through creating numerous upcycled items from surplus materials and components.

Tom, Regis, Jeff, Marty, Jill, Russ, Konar and Rob S. for providing service to campus facilities and departments by facilitating the diversion of recyclable materials while representing the mission to university customers through face-to-face relationships.

Lance for his diligence and strong work ethic so that we are as efficient as possible with our departments resources.

Dan and Cody for helping to keep campus beautiful by servicing exterior collection stations and positively interacting with students, staff, faculty, and event attendees.

Tim H. for processing mountains of e-waste and keeping it out of the landfill, while ensuring the data security that provides a confidence that University items will be decommissioned safely.

Kris for balancing the aggressive efforts of staff with practical and financial considerations to make it all possible and providing a work-life balance that allows staff to further the mission energetically, and for instituting a framework where the SSRC staff are able to view waste as a resource and take advantage of opportunities to creatively manage the University's waste as a resource.