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Event! Clothing Repair-A-Thon

Event! Clothing Repair-A-Thon

Posted by Katie Deska on Mar 25th 2022

Patch those holes in your favorite clothes! Repair your ripped jeans and replace those shirt buttons! 

Join the MSU Libraries Makerspace and Spartan Upcycle to gain hands-on help repairing your clothes.

We will have sewing machines, thread, and some fabric. Please bring the clothing you want to repair and any patches, specific colors of thread, or buttons for your project. Mending is a fun way to save money and the reduce waste associated with textile production and disposal.

What: Clothing Repair-A-Thon

When: Tues. April 12, 2022 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Where: MakeCentral Makerspace, located on 2 West of the main MSU Library. (The event will be held in the Makerspace Flex Classroom.)

Sign-up: Please register to attend the Clothing Repair-A-Thon.

Hosted by: Hollander MakeCentral: Makerspace, in partnership with Spartan Upcycle

Let's reuse what we have, reduce reliance on new production, and rethink our materials and clothes! Here's why it matters:

  • Municipal landfills received over 11 million tons of textiles in 2018, which amounts to almost 7% of all waste received that year.
  • The average American landfills 70 lbs. of textile waste/year (85% of their total textile waste), compared to the 12 lbs. (only 15% of textile waste) that the average American donates or recycles per year.
  • On average, America purchases roughly 60 items of clothing per person each year. 
  • "The textile industry is one of the major industrial polluters, and water recycling is yet far from being standard practice. Wastewater generation remains a serious and growing problem, affecting ecosystems, human health and freshwater availability for other uses." (The Impact of 'Zero' Coming into Fashion)

Find out more with films, books, and articles, combined in the Clothing & Apparel section of the Environmental Justice & Sustainable Purchasing guide.

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