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Surplus & Recycling Town Halls

Join us for a Surplus & Recycling Town Hall

The MSU Surplus Store & Recycling Center started hosting virtual Town Halls in June 2020. Hosted on Zoom and streamed live on Facebook, these events give us an opportunity to answer your questions and present on topics of interest. Have a suggestion for an upcoming Town Hall? Contact the Education Coordinator at 


Upcoming Town Halls:

Thurs. Nov. 19 @ 7 p.m.

Closing the Food Cycle Loop with Spartan Worms!

Join us for a lively discussion of SSRC's new vermicompost operation, which turns campus kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost (sold in the Surplus Store) through the amazing digestive power of worms!

Past Town Halls:

 October 2020: Brokering our Commodities with Special Guest, Jill Brown of Metro Recycling

In this special Town Hall, guest Jill Brown, of Metro Recycling, joins us to discuss brokering our commodities and the impacts  of international regulations and COVID-19 on the recycling industry

September 2020: Surplus Store Update

This reuse-oriented Town Hall focuses on the history of the MSU Surplus Store & current operations, including an overview of online listings, curbside pickup, vehicle sales, auctions and more.

August 2020: Recycling Beverage Containers

A talk on the ins and outs of recycling your beverage containers -- plastic and glass bottles, metal cans, and cartons. Where do they go? What happens during processing? What do they become? Plus, you'll find out how we keep it local.

July 2020: Preventing Contamination

In this conversation with MSU Surplus Store & Recycling Center staff, you'll learn what contamination is, why it's bad for recycling streams, and how to recycle right.

June 2020: Drop-Off Center Updates

With the Drop-Off Center reopening around the corner, we'll talk with you about what safety precautions we're taking and highlight a couple important changes to what items we will be accepting.