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Discovering the Discarded is a periodic newsletter with tips, info, and updates related to managing waste as a resource. As the general education and events newsletter for SSRC, it's primarily designed to serve members of the MSU community, including students, staff and faculty, but may be relevant to anyone interested in SSRC programs, including MSU Recycling, Spartan Upcycle, Grow Green Vermicompost, and the Surplus Store. For the weekly Surplus Store newsletter, featuring new items and sales, please sign up at the bottom of the homepage.

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04/11/2022 - Clothing Repair, March Data, Craft-In Snapshots

04/06/2022 - Happy Earth Month! (Upcoming Events)

1/17/2021 - Materials as Muse: Artist Talk Thurs.

10/15/2021 - Resident artist reveals "Never Not Nature" at Art Lab

09/20/2021 - Campus Recycling 101 talk, highlights from early Fall Semester

08/24/2021 - Creative reuse, plastic recycling, in-person shopping

07/20/2021 - Zoom in for Updates this Thurs.

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