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Student Positions at the MSU Surplus Store & Recycling Center

Student Positions at the MSU Surplus Store & Recycling Center

Feb 14th 2024

Snapshot of Student Positions

Student employees play an important role at the MSU Surplus Store & Recycling Center! Students from a wide variety of majors work in all areas of the department, as reflected by the position summaries below. We value and support your academic priorities, and can adjust most positions to fulfill internship requirements. 

To view and apply for available student jobs, please visit Handshake. (See Career Services Network to learn about Handshake and student employment at MSU.)

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Recycling Sort Line Student Assistant 

Processes recyclable material (plastic, cardboard, and paper) received from campus collections and the public drop-off site. Works in a team of students to remove contaminants from the recycling stream. 


Campus Event and Outreach Student Assistant 

Assists with planning Spartan Upcycle student events. Sets up and cleans up for events. Engage and assist event attendees. Sources, collects, and creates material for events. Assist with facility tours and presentations. Represent the department at campus tabling events. **Interested in volunteering with Spartan Upcycle? Email** 


Book Department Processing Student Assistant 

Hand-sorts a large volume of books based on condition and estimated value. Shelves and boxes books for in-store sales and storage. Assists book department lead with curating book collections for sales. Sets up and tears down book sale events. 

Book Department Online Listing Student Assistant

Assesses condition and value of books and media through web-based research. Writes brief descriptions and photographs items for online listings. 

Surplus Online Listing Student Assistant 

Identifies, evaluates, tests, and researches a large range of surplus items received from the campus departments and the community for resale on or other online sales platforms. Determines pricing based on research comparisons. Writes brief descriptions and photographs items. Assists with stocking and inventory management. 

Surplus Processing Student Assistant 

Sorts hampers of incoming surplus items. Assesses condition and approximate value to determine appropriate sales platform; in-store, online, Upcycle, or recycle. 

Computer Dept. Student Technical Assistant 

Tests miscellaneous computer components and electronic items. Process e-waste using hand tools. Palletize computer department items such as computers, monitors, and electronics. Must have knowledge of computer hardware components. 

Computer Dept. Student Labor Assistant 

Processes surplus computer and electronic equipment, including sorting hampers, palletizing material, and some testing. 

MSU Bikes Student Maintenance Assistant 

Assesses customer bicycles to accurately create work orders. Performs bicycle maintenance. Assist customers with sales and rentals. This position is at the MSU Bikes Service Center. 

Sales Floor Student Assistant 

Stocks Surplus Store sales floor for public sales. Maintains organization and cleanliness of sales floor. Provides customer assistance, including loading and unloading customer vehicles.          

   Student Cashier Assistant 

Operates point-of-sale system to process sales transactions. Complies with credit and cash handling requirements. Provides excellent customer service on public sales days. 

Clothing/Textile Merchandising Student Assistant 

Hand-sorts clothing and textiles to assess value and potential sales platform. Prepares and stock clothing and textiles on sales floor. Determines pricing based on research comparisons. Writes brief descriptions and photographs items for online sales listings.