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Event Recycling

The MSU Surplus Store & Recycling Center (SSRC) provides waste and recycling services for both indoor and outdoor events held on campus. Whether you are planning a small party or a large conference, we can help you manage your waste stream and keep trash out of the landfill.

Services offered:

Event Recycling and Waste Collection for events up to 500 people:

The SSRC will provide trash and recycling containers for use at your event. Our staff will set up an appropriate number of containers to handle waste generated during the event. Black 45 gallon “landfill” containers will be paired with green/white recycling containers throughout the venue to collect waste. MSU staff will be responsible for servicing the containers after the conclusion of the event and properly disposing waste and processing recyclables.

The cost for the services is based on the number of participants and is as follows:

Tier 1: 1 to 100 attendees - $45

Tier 2: 101-250 attendees - $45

Tier 3: 251 – 500 attendees – $90

Event Recycling and Waste Collection for Events with greater than 500 people:

Because events that host more than 500 people typically generate a larger amount of waste, SSRC staff are present during these events to service containers to remove waste in a timely manner. For these larger events, our staff will pre-plan the services necessary as well as provide an estimate of costs. The costs are based on factors such as the number of containers necessary to install/service, the duration of the event and the number of staff necessary to provide service.

Zero Waste Event Service

Zero Waste events strive to minimize waste, maximize recycling and organics collection and reduce consumption. The goal of a Zero Waste event is to divert at least 90% of the waste generated from going to the landfill. The SSRC has successfully implemented several Zero Waste events on campus.

For these events, our staff will work with you to plan ahead to reduce waste, reuse items and set up Zero-Waste stations for compostable and recyclable material. Zero Waste stations are staffed by SSRC personnel to ensure materials are properly collected.

For these events, our staff will pre-plan the services necessary and provide an estimate of costs based on the size and duration of the event and number of SSRC staff necessary to provide service.

How to Schedule Service:

All event services are scheduled through the Infrastructure, Planning and Facilities (IPF) web portal listed below. Once on the page, click on the “Service Request” tab in the upper right corner of the page then log in by using your MSU NetID and password. From there, follow the prompts through the service request page. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the SSRC office at 355-1723 to assist you.