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Drop-Off Center Update

The Drop-Off Center has re-opened!

View our Recycling Guide here

Please take note of a few important changes. 

  • Due to current circumstances, we must refrain from accepting certain plastics to protect the health and safety of our staff.  
  • On the plus side, we are now accepting cartons! 
  • The Center will have limited hours and will be closed on weekends.
  • See below for details!


New Drop-Off Center Hours 

  • Monday through Friday only, closed on weekends.
  • Mon., Tue., Thur., Fri., 9 a.m. to 3 pm.
  • Wed. - Extended Hours - 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • Effective 10/21/2020


Changes in Materials Accepted

Most materials previously accepted will continue to be recycled, except for some plastics. Please, see our updated Recycling Guide.

At the Drop-Off Center, you will find bins for: 

  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Boxboard
  • Mixed Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Cartons - NEW!
  • Household Metal
  • Glass Bottles/Jars
  • #1 and #2 Plastic Bottles/Jugs 
  • Milk Jugs 
  • Books


Details on Changes to Plastics

  • Only Plastic Bottles and Jugs that are #1 or #2 resin are accepted. 

    • YES:
      • Water bottles
      • Peanut butter jars
      • Hand sanitizer bottles
      • Laundry detergent bottles 
      • Wipes canisters 
    • Before putting your item in the bin, please make sure it is BOTH a bottle/jug AND labeled #1 or #2. Items must meet both qualifications (bottle/jug and #1 or #2).

  • Plastics #3 through #7 along with plastic film/bags will NOT be accepted at this time. 

    • NO:
      • Yogurt cups
      • Butter/cottage cheese tubs
      • Salad boxes
      • Berry boxes
      • Clamshell-style container
      • Take-out boxes
      • Landscape pots
      • Buckets
      • Laundry baskets
      • Kitty litter containers
      • Grocery bags
      • Dog food bags



Say "Yes" to these! 



But, please, none of these... 



So, where do my milk jugs go?

There is a separate bin (image below) to collect milk jugs because the plastic resin they're made of (HDPE Natural) is more valuable on the market when separated out from HDPE White/Color.



Below: HDPE Natural bottles/jugs that DO belong in the Milk Jug Bin. Notice how the jug is somewhat translucent. 



Below: HDPE White/Color bottles/jugs that do NOT belong in the Milk Jug Bin. Why? While they do indeed hold milk, the container is made of HDPE White/Color resin, rather than HDPE Natural resin. Please place these in the bin for #1 and #2 Plastics Bottles/Jugs.



Introducing: Cartons!


Carton containers are a type packaging commonly used to hold beverage and food products. Carton containers will be baled in our material recovery facility and transported to Great Lakes Tissue, in Cheboygan, Mich. There, the material layers of the carton are separated, and the fiber is pulped and pressed into new tissue products, such as toilet paper. Watch a video of the process.

Cartons come in two general types, both of which we accept:

  • Shelf stable cartons 
    • Commonly hold juice, soup, broth, wine, and non-dairy milk stored at room temperature
  • Refrigerated cartons 
    • Commonly hold milk, juice, cream, and egg substitutes

Other items accepted in the Cartons bin include:

  • Ice cream cartons
  • Goldfish cracker cartons
  • Paper cups

(Please, NO juice boxes, Styrofoam or cups coated with Styrofoam.)

How should I prepare my cartons for recycling?

  • Rinse clean
  • No need to flatten
  • Caps can be left on

Accepted Cartons

  • Soup/broth cartons
  • Wine cartons (NOT the kind w/ plastic bag inside)
  • Cream, milk, and non-dairy milk cartons
  • Juice boxes and large size juice cartons
  • Egg substitute cartons
  • Ice cream cartons
  • Paper coffee cups

Not Accepted

  • Boxboard (cereal boxes, boxes containing canned drinks)
  • Styrofoam cups
  • Cups coated with styrofoam


Below: Examples of cartons accepted.



FAQ's about the changes:

Why aren’t you open on the weekends or after 3 PM?

In order to keep people safe, we will be limiting the number of cars entering the center to help maintain social distancing. We can only do this during our normal business hours when staff are available. We also want to provide staff to help educate the public and assist with answering questions to ensure proper recycling.


How will you keep us safe while at the Recycling Center?

We will be placing fewer recycling containers at the site and spreading them out to allow social distancing. Parking spaces will be limited to every other space. All users are strongly encouraged to wear a facial covering and maintain at least 6 feet of social distancing.


When will the Center go back to “normal” hours?

We anticipate the limited hours and staffing of the Center to last for at least one month. At that time, we will evaluate the need to maintain staffing and the quality of the recycling stream. We have limited capacity to remove contaminants (items not accepted) from the recycling stream so if customers are doing a good job of only recycling materials that are accepted, then we may be able to expand hours after about a month.


What should I do with my plastic bags?

We encourage you to return them to a retail store that accepts them. Prior to the pandemic, many local stores such as Meijer, Kroger and many others accepted them for recycling. Please check with your local store prior to returning them for recycling.