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Recycling Guide


Computer and copy paper (all colors), notebook paper, junk mail, magazines, newspaper, catalogs and directories, envelopes, Post-it notes, ream wrappers, index cards, gift wrap, cards, box board (cereal boxes, etc...)


Corrugated Boxes, Pizza Boxes (no food or excess grease), brown paper bags


Any clean, rigid plastic container with resin code 1 through 7, clear and translucent plastic bags


Household metals (steel, tin, aluminum), aluminum foil, metal bottle caps and lids, wire


All colors of clean bottles and jars

Landfill or Other

Laminated paper, rubber bands, garden hoses, Pyrex and laboratory glass (Surplus), tempered glass, aerosol cans, fire extinguishers, propane tanks, gas/fuel/automotive liquid cans, paint cans, electronics (Surplus), polystyrene (Surplus), tires, herbicide and pesticide containers, sharps, black or non-translucent bags or film plastic, frozen food plastic bags, degradeable or compostable bags, "pre-washed salad" bags, multilayered laminate packaging (chip bags, drink pouches, coffee bags, snack wrappers).

How to Recycle

Michigan State University provides extensive recycling and reuse options to the MSU Community. Recycling bins vary by location. The following guides detail where materials can be recycled and how they should be sorted:
Public Recycling Drop-off Center
Office and Academic Buildings
Residence Halls
University Apartments
Campus Events